Unveiling The Rolex Ladies Datejust Special Edition

Published: 05th April 2011
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The Rolex Ladies has already seen a lot of irritations over the years and is now one of Rolex's most favored watches. Its smooth design, magnificently petite case and classic femininity ascetics have aspired Ladies all over our world to beautify their wrists with this sensational wristwatch. The ladies Datejust's by Rolex has a perfect radiance that is rallied only by the watch's almost flawless time measuring abilities. This model could never have garnered such a following by relying on its gorgeous looks alone; Rolex ensured that every Rolex Datejust was created with one of the most sophisticated and precise self-winding movements on the market.

Due to its popularity ever few years Rolex will release a special edition of this watch, these special editions tend to forgo elegant simplicity for an provocative intricacy. And there's just no reason to believe this year is going to be any different! Rolex has released the 2011 Ladies Datejust Special Edition encased for the first time ever in 18ct Everose gold. This brazen new watch features a brand new dial design and new dial components and materials which helps to create an remarkable (to say the least) and one-of-a-kind appearance.

One of the first new design changes that caught my eye was that of the 18ct Everose gold case, bezel and bracelet. They are gorgeous. The Datejust can be normally found in 18ct yellow gold with stainless steel that has a timeless air to it but will not "pop" the eye like the Everose gold. This bawdy gold gives this watch a true personality that is all its own; mixing soothingness and liveliness it can be no surprise that the special edition has watch fans scampering for more.

The most significant change is the Datejust's dial which has been transformed into truly eye-catching piece of art. The regular dial was replaced with a Gold dust dream dial which is a mixture of mother-of-pearl and gold dust. The gold dust cast the most amazing iridescent reflections which allow the mother-of-pearl features to gleam in any and all rays of light which hit it.

The dial design additionally has been modified with the angelic display of gold vines & leaves; the completely new dial is a complete departure from the conventional Rolex models which would normally have very stark and rather simple dials.

Additionally, it features a bidirectional self winding along with an oyster five piece link band. Other features include a bidirectional self-winding movement and the oyster five-piece link band. Like I said, it's extraordinary.

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